LUNCH SPECIAL $11.50 now serving all day

#1 Two Pupusas and Plantains, Beans, and Sour Cream

#2 Two Pupusas and Small Avocado Salad

#3 Two Pupusas with a side of Sour Cream

#4 Two Pupusas and Chicken Tamale

#5 Two Pupusas and Steamed Corn Tamale and Sour Cream

#6 One Pupusa, Sour Cream, and Chicken Tamale
#7 One Pupusa, Plantain with Sour Cream and Corn Tamale

#8 One Pupusa, Plantain with Sour Cream and Small Avocado Salad

#9 Two Pupusas with Small Tropical Salad​​


Platano's Favorite with Chorizo

Three scrambled Eggs with white Onion, Tomato, Green Bell Pepper,
Casamiento, Sweet Plantains, Sour Cream, with a side of Tortillas $11.50

PUPUSAS $3.35 (Each)​
Thick corn masa tortilla stuffed with filling served with curtido & salsa.

Queso y Vegetales - Cheese, Zucchini, Tomato, Onion
Revuelta con Frijoles - Pork, Black Beans & Cheese
Queso y Loroco - Cheese & Salvadoran Vegetable
Queso y Frijoles - Black Beans & Cheese
Queso y Ayote - Zucchini & Cheese
Frijole Negro - Black Beans


Dinner plates are served with two handmade corn  tortillas and up to two options below;  Rice, Whole black beans, Refried red beans, Casamiento (rice & black beans pan-fried together to a crisp) all dinner come with a side of 2 Tortillas

Bistec $20.50
New York steak sautéed with onions & bell peppers in a light tomato puree.

Pollo Asado $16.95
Grilled chicken leg & thigh, served well done & dry with  chirimole & fresh avocado.
Albondigas $17.25
Salvadoran meat balls flavored with mint leaves & onions, served in a tomato puree

Salpicon $16.50
Chilled finely chopped beef seasoned with lime, mint leaves & onion.

Carne Desilada $16.95
Pan fried crispy shredded beef, eggs, tomato, onion & bell peppers

Mar y Tierra $23.95
Grilled thin beef slices and seasoned shrimp, served with avocado & chirimol.

Costillas De Puerco  $18.95
Pork Spare ribs sauteed with yellow onions,Green Bell Peppers, tomatoes tossed with Bistec Sauce

Pescado Frito $19.25
Whole Tilapia fish, marinated in lime & garlic then fried to a crisp.

Camaron Al Ajito $19.95
Tiger shrimp sauteed in garlic, butter & white wine.

Carne Asada $20.50
Thin grilled beef slices, served well done & dry, with chirimol & fresh avocado.

Papa Guisada $14.95
Stew of potatoes, carrots & green beans flavored with Salvadoran spices.

Pescado Empapelado $ 19.95
Boneless Tilapia Fillet Wrapped Parchment Baking paper, with tomatoes,Carrots and Potatoe


Ensalada Tropical: $13.75

Tiger shrimp, papaya, mango, coconut, cashewsand romaine lettuce served with a tangy cilantro dressing.
No shrimp $10.25

Ensalada de Aguacate $10.25
Avocado, black beans, tomatoes, red onions, parmesan cheese, romaine lettuce served with a tangy cilantro dressing    $12.95  With Chicken

Platanos $7.25
Fried plantains, refried beans & cream

Pastelitos $7.25
Corn masa stuffed with shredded chicken, carrots, green beans & potato

Yucca Cosida O Frita $9.50
Yucca steamed or fried, pork, fresh cabbage salad & salsa. Yucca without pork $5.50 ** 

Tamales De Elote $7.95
White ground corn served steamed or fried with cream

Tamales De Sal $8.25
Chicken tamales with potato & gravy steamed in plantain leaves

Pan Con Pollo $10.95
Warm chicken sandwich, lettuce, tomato, mayo, curtidoin a sweet roll.

Sopa de Res $14.50
Beef Soup simmered with carrots, cabbage, yuca, chayote squash in a light mint leaves flavored broth.

Sopa De Pollo A la Parrilla $16.50

and served with a side of Salvadorian Rice,Grilled Chicken on the side.

Sopa De Pescado $17.95
Seafood Soup with Tilapia, Clams, Octopus,prawns & Seafood Broth with Cilantro Sprigs

Sorry No Split Checks •
$10 Minimum Dine In


​Revuelta - Pork & Cheese
Chicharron - Pork
Queso - Cheese
Pollo Con queso - Chicken & Cheese
Res or Res con Queso -Beef or Beef and Cheese

​​BREAKFAST served all Day!

Desayuno Campero

Two eggs over medium served with sweet fried Plantains,
Red Refried Beans, Sour Cream, and Fresh Cheese with a side of Tortillas