LUNCH SPECIAL $11.50 now serving all day

#1 Two Pupusas and Plantains, Beans, and Sour Cream

#2 Two Pupusas and Small Avocado Salad

#3 Two Pupusas with a side of Sour Cream

#4 Two Pupusas and Chicken Tamale

#5 Two Pupusas and Steamed Corn Tamale and Sour Cream

PUPUSAS $3.35 (Each)​
Thick corn masa tortilla stuffed with filling served with curtido & salsa.

Queso y Vegetales - Cheese, Zucchini, Tomato, Onion
Revuelta con Frijoles - Pork, Black Beans & Cheese
Queso y Loroco - Cheese & Salvadoran Vegetable
Queso y Frijoles - Black Beans & Cheese
Queso y Ayote - Zucchini & Cheese
Frijole Negro - Black Beans


Dinner plates are served with two handmade corn  tortillas and up to two options below;  Rice, Whole black beans, Refried red beans, Casamiento (rice & black beans pan-fried together to a crisp) all dinner come with a side of 2 Tortillas

Bistec $20.50
New York steak sautéed with onions & bell peppers in a light tomato puree.

Pollo Asado $16.95
Grilled chicken leg & thigh, served well done & dry with  chirimole & fresh avocado.
Albondigas $17.25
Salvadoran meat balls flavored with mint leaves & onions, served in a tomato puree

Salpicon $16.50
Chilled finely chopped beef seasoned with lime, mint leaves & onion.

Carne Desilada $16.95
Pan fried crispy shredded beef, eggs, tomato, onion & bell peppers

Mar y Tierra $23.95
Grilled thin beef slices and seasoned shrimp, served with avocado & chirimol.

Costillas De Puerco  $18.95
Pork Spare ribs sauteed with yellow onions,Green Bell Peppers, tomatoes tossed with Bistec Sauce

Pescado Frito $19.25
Whole Tilapia fish, marinated in lime & garlic then fried to a crisp.

Camaron Al Ajito $19.95
Tiger shrimp sauteed in garlic, butter & white wine.

Carne Asada $20.50
Thin grilled beef slices, served well done & dry, with chirimol & fresh avocado.

Papa Guisada $14.95
Stew of potatoes, carrots & green beans flavored with Salvadoran spices.

Pescado Empapelado $ 19.95
Boneless Tilapia Fillet Wrapped Parchment Baking paper, with tomatoes,Carrots and Potatoe


Platano's Favorite with Chorizo

Three scrambled Eggs with white Onion, Tomato, Green Bell Pepper,
Casamiento, Sweet Plantains, Sour Cream, with a side of Tortillas $11.50


Ensalada Tropical: $13.75

Tiger shrimp, papaya, mango, coconut, cashewsand romaine lettuce served with a tangy cilantro dressing.
No shrimp $10.25

Ensalada de Aguacate $10.25
Avocado, black beans, tomatoes, red onions, parmesan cheese, romaine lettuce served with a tangy cilantro dressing    $12.95  With Chicken

Platanos $7.25
Fried plantains, refried beans & cream

Pastelitos $7.25
Corn masa stuffed with shredded chicken, carrots, green beans & potato

Yucca Cosida O Frita $9.50
Yucca steamed or fried, pork, fresh cabbage salad & salsa. Yucca without pork $5.50 ** 

Tamales De Elote $7.95
White ground corn served steamed or fried with cream

Tamales De Sal $8.25
Chicken tamales with potato & gravy steamed in plantain leaves

Pan Con Pollo $10.95
Warm chicken sandwich, lettuce, tomato, mayo, curtidoin a sweet roll.

Sopa de Res $14.50
Beef Soup simmered with carrots, cabbage, yuca, chayote squash in a light mint leaves flavored broth.

Sopa De Pollo A la Parrilla $16.50

and served with a side of Salvadorian Rice,Grilled Chicken on the side.

Sopa De Pescado $17.95
Seafood Soup with Tilapia, Clams, Octopus,prawns & Seafood Broth with Cilantro Sprigs

Sorry No Split Checks •
$10 Minimum Dine In

​Revuelta - Pork & Cheese
Chicharron - Pork
Queso - Cheese
Pollo Con queso - Chicken & Cheese
Res or Res con Queso -Beef or Beef and Cheese

#6 One Pupusa, Sour Cream, and Chicken Tamale
#7 One Pupusa, Plantain with Sour Cream and Corn Tamale

#8 One Pupusa, Plantain with Sour Cream and Small Avocado Salad

#9 Two Pupusas with Small Tropical Salad​​

​​BREAKFAST served all Day!

Desayuno Campero

Two eggs over medium served with sweet fried Plantains,
Red Refried Beans, Sour Cream, and Fresh Cheese with a side of Tortillas